28 August 2007

Celebrate the end of summer?!?!?

The weather was so gross this weekend, I puked a little bit in my mouth...however I focused on filling my time with entertaining social events and hanging around with friends.

Thursday night was the weekly CBTL Race series, where I ended up with a mediocre placing in the Points Race - partly because I hadn't eaten or drank all day, which is sort of related to excuse number two -- that work has been consuming my days and I haven't been on the bike or running path for pretty much two weeks now. I haven't been feeling the love recently and I'm kicking myself for taking it out on my exercise and training regimen.

I got home around 8pm fully expecting having the rest of the evening to get caught up on Synergy financials - something I've been neglecting since, oh, probably around the end of May, however as soon as I dismounted off the bike at my lobby doorway, I get a call from Aly that the work gang is still at the Unicorn Pub celebrating Amy D's resignation from work and that I should come down for a few pints. So I do.

Fast forward to 11pm. Amy has puked and been carried home by her boyfriend. The only ones left standing are myself, Aly and Jeff (my old manager) and we've been barred from service from the bar because the entire crew that was there had gotten out of control (however had probably dropped close to a thousand dollars in the place since 5pm). Joe had shown up post-work so he had a beer than we went home.

Friday, I headed over to Inglewood after work for James, Shelley, and Jesse James' trinity b-day party at the Inglewood Lawn Bowling Club. I would say approximately 30-40 people showed up and we had a lot of fun bowling and drinking. Patrick and I headed downtown afterwards intending to catch some house music at Bamboo Tiki Lounge, but by the time we got there at 11:30 the line-up was huge so that was a no-go. I walked Patrick home, partly and waited at the Spag for Joe to finish work so I could escort him home. I was well in the bag by then.

Saturday -- Joe had convinced me to sleep in and screw all my exercise/racing obligations, so I did, and it was nice. I didn't get out of bed until 1pm or so. Didn't do much all afternoon and by 6pm we were starting to get ready to head to Doug's party.

We caught a ride to the party with Ryan and his mom, which was wonderful of them, however our schedules did not coincide with Patrick's as planned and he missed the big gay boat. He showed up later and ended up catching a ride back downtown with Ryan again on his return trip. The gang was all there except a few glaring exceptions and we had a lot of fun. I think Joe and I caught our cab around 3am (or maybe it was later????) and went home.

Joe had to work on Sunday so I spent a large part of the rainy crappy day cleaning up email on the computer, chatting to some friends online and Facebooking. A complete waste of a Sunday. I absolutely loved it!

This weekend should be a bit more athletic with the CBTL Saturday full-bore Points Race in the morning. There is a potential for a Canmore 200km ride or Rainy Summit 180km ride sometime on the weekend. I think Craig D wants to go on Saturday, although I think I'm much more leaning towards Sunday or Monday. It would be great to catch the last ITT in Edmonton this weekend too, but it's a long way for a short race. I think I'm going to plan a trip to Red Deer on the 22nd/23rd weekend. The weekend of the 8th is the Thrillseekers/Superchumbo combo plus Corey's stag party, the weekend of the 15th is Hammerfest/Calgary Corporate Challenge. So the calendar's full pretty much up to the end of September already. eep.

If I'm not on here before the day, to all you working stiffs out there, Happy Labour Day!

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