05 March 2007

Po-mo Sideshow

Cosby Sweater Days and everything!

From their store - For the wannabe statement-maker, SUV-driver who has everything. I wanna get some of these!

Nothing says irony, like being literal. We would love it if you support us, the new magnetic ribbon industry. The purchase of this lovely doo-dad says that you're a smart and savvy person about the world. You know that the "Support Our Troops" ribbons are only selling so that some jerks can line their pockets. You also know that by pointing out the capitalistic undertones of the saber rattling jingoists, you might just wake up a few people that have child-like notions of mustachioed villains and courageous heroes vanquishing the villains with their moral superiority and candid prison photos.

Lets face it. Millions of people in America voted for Bush because he says he's a Christian.Why none of those people can tell the difference between a Christian and someone who is just paying lip service for a power grab is beyond me. If Jesus were alive today, I think that he would care less about Homosexual marriage, and more about teaching tolerance and telling US speachwriters not to use words like "Crusade" and "Liberate" because it tends to piss off the rest of the world. Sporting this ribbon means you're calling a spade a spade, and pointing out the lack of OG God in our leadership and sheeplike followers.

These are sold out. Yup! The bumper magnet is back.Although we here at the Postmodern Sideshow care about the loss of life of everyone in the Iraqi Invasion, it seems that those with hardons for WMD and "liberation" seem to care only for the American Soldiers. Show them a little lesson in mathematics and economics. (Which, when you think about it, 2000 dead isn't that much. I can drive all summer on a fingertip. You however, you are driving on their eyeballs, you sick mother-flower).

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CanaGal said...

we should make up our own saying for a bumper magnet...
maybe something about cheeses