14 February 2007

To The Man I Love

After all this time together,
you still know how to surprise me -
you can still make me laugh.
And whatever you do,
I realize again that you've become
more and more of what my life is about.
It's not that I'm less myself -
you've never tried to change me.
In fact, I'm more myself -
because you and your love
bring out the best FOR me.
That's what real love means.
Your voice on the phone
makes me feel embraced.
Your hand reaching for mine
makes me feel positively cherished.
Many times when I merely glance your way,
I feel the thrill of falling in love with you
all over again.
And that's why, on Valentine's Day
I'm celebrating the special love we share.

- Barbara Loots

Yes, Hallmark sappy, but it conveys what I feel about my man. This is the card I gave him today.


Jeff Skybar said...

That is nice Reid. I hope you two had a wonderful Valentine's day.

Comfortable Chaos said...

Le sigh...

Matty said...

Welcome back Reid! Sorry I haven't responded earlier. Work's getting crazy lately. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Joe. Why is it when I hear VD I immediately think of vinereal disease instead of Valentine's day?

Reid Dalgleish said...

...because you're supposed to. It isn't a coincidence that Valentine's Day = VD, you know....