12 February 2007

South Padre Island, San Antonio and such

The room of birds (4.99 each) at El Disco SuperCentre in Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Foggy morning on South Padre
View from the Main Beach, SPI
Hottie surfer, SPI
Riverwalk by Day, San Antonio
Ma and Pa on the Riverwalk
The Alamo, San Antonio
Riverwalk at Night, San Antonio
La Villita, San Antonio


Jeff Skybar said...

Did you get a name for Surfer Hottie? Lets just call him Jordan.

Reid Dalgleish said...

Jordan it is, then. He had another hottie friend but he scurried to the changerooms before I could get a good shot. The two hotties (Jordan and Tristan, maybe) dressed in their tight wetsuits might have been a stereotype, but was hot nonetheless!