27 February 2007

Kick you in the Bluetooth

I've had it with these cybernetic transplants in every fat person's head. It makes them look retarded and frankly, when I see someone walking around talking to themselves, it makes them sound pretty ridiculous too.

Never mind the fact that we all know how oblivious cellphone users are at the best of times, when it looks like they are not attached to any electronics it's just simply creepy. Like they are ready to go postal at any minute while they are running into walls or walking into traffic.

And for the love of gob, take that piece of shit out of your ear when you're not using it. Don't look at me with a disdaining eyeroll when I mistake you for being crazy when you're just 'connected' in your own self-important way. You're the one who looks stupid, not me.
Look at me! I'm important, dammit!


Jeff Skybar said...

Yeah. What he said! SOrry distracted, new guy is in the office across from me and his backside is turning. me. on!! Got to go to the bathroom!!

Comfortable Chaos said...

I posted something about these things in my old blog way back when also.

These little hummers have been attributed to countless instances of brain cancer.
Specifically right around the ear.
But the powers that be refuse to link potential health hazards to their products, and continue to "neither confirm or deny the connection" between product placement/use and illness.

Not quite the point you were discussing, I know - it just reminded me of the studies I had read about these ridiculous looking things causing disease.

Reid Dalgleish said...

True that, CC. I remember you posting that information. Thank god it is mostly the stupid, fat, self-absorbed people that are most likely to be doing this. We could do with a lot less of them on the planet.