04 May 2009


I made it into Vancouver around 5:30pm on Saturday. I left Calgary around 6:30 PDT so I made decent time. I can't thank my Calgary friends that helped me load up the van enough. The way Myles, Tim and Craig layered everything in the cube allowed for me to pull things out like layers of an onion. While Greg, Ryan and I brought stuff down from the apartment on Friday night the guys got that put together. 1.5 hours to load, 3 hours to unload.

Once everything was in the 600 sq. ft. apartment I realized that I had brought a lot of extra shit I wish I could rid myself of, however as I've been unpacking the amount of stuff really isn't too bad. There's a lot of stuff like photo albums, pictures, music and special books that you just can't easily part with.

Today was shopping day: new TV, new wall unit (for all the CDs, DVDs, cassettes, etc. etc. that I was obliged to bring even though I didn't really want to). The Visa was burning through charges so quickly today the Fraud Detection group gave me a call in the middle of the day!

I figure I'll take the rest of the week to complete the transformation enough that I will no longer need to be obsessive-compulsive about everything. I can't wait until next weekend when I'll finally be able to debut! LOL

I'm looking forward to the Frontrunners run on Wednesday night. It looks like it's supposed to rain all week off and on, so that will be a good initiation to the southern coast climate.

...Almost back to regular posting; it's that close.

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