14 March 2008

It's been a long time...

...since I've posted anything personal. Yeah, I know. Work is madness and frankly, there's enough news out there on a daily basis that I'd need two of me to absorb it all! It's great that I'm sorta kinda protected from all this financial madness that seems to be flying around all over the place. Unfortunately we are all intrinsically connected to this huge belching bloated system that almost seems to be gasping its last few breaths before collapsing into a huge pile of shit.

Frankly, the more abrupt this is, the sooner we can catch a fucking grip as a society and start to retrench back to the things that really matter - optimism, health, family and friends, nature, art. It might be better to get over the hump now before China and India start falling into the same trap. If that happens, we're not just fucked, we're doomed. DOOOOOMMMMMEEEEDDD!

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