21 March 2008


I underwent laser eye surgery yesterday to improve my eyesight. It's something that I always contemplate when my vision care plan at work tops up, but this year I had my incentive bonus to bolster the argument to do it when contemplating the cost. Because my astigmatism was so bad, the surgery cost quite a bit more than the average person, however, now that it's done and I'm only fighting a bit of infection in my left eye, I'm amazed and blown away by the improvement. I went in for a follow-up test and I'm seeing 20/20. Incredible. I think I'm only beginning to discover the things that people with good eyesight take for granted. It's the first time in my entire life that I've been able to see without some sort of assistance through glasses or contacts, and if I can see this good today, what's it gonna be like in a month or two when everything's healed? I think this was a great decision. I'm so excited! :-D

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