03 February 2008

Austin/San Antonio

Joe and I got to tour the Houston Space Center yesterday. It was very cool. We went to the South Beach club last night--I'm glad we did. It was a great fun place! This morning we groggily checked out of of Lovett Inn and headed to Austin for the day. We checked out the Warehouse District and admired the shirtless guys running by the river in the heat and humidity.

I found out from the owner of the B&B that an old friend, Ed was there and left a message for us! I couldn't believe it. Ed and his partner Bill are the guys I stayed with when I travelled to New Orleans in 2002. Now they live in Nashville, I think. I knew that he still did business in Houston on a regular basis, but I had no idea that he stayed at the Lovett whenever he was there! I'm still not sure how he knew we were there too...maybe he was in the townhouse beside us and saw my name on the wall by our door? We apparently missed him by a half-hour this morning, but I will give him a call when we get back to Calgary.

We changed our minds and instead of staying in Austin for the evening, we've continued on to San Antonio and we're spending the night here. Dinner on the Riverwalk tonight, a run tomorrow morning, and then we'll head to Weslaco, ETA in the mid-afternoon. It was around 80F today and it's supposed to be that nice again tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be poolside by dinner tomorrow! There's also a pool at the hotel here that I wouldn't mind trying out.....

I'm so excited to see mom and dad!

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