24 June 2010

Gong Show Rant

This G8/G20 boondoggle is infuriating.  There are fences all the way up to Huntsville, a police state in downtown Toronto, and a ridiculously ugly $57,000 kiddies swimming pool for the media on the shore of Lake Ontario.  The billion dollar price tag for this charade is insane.  The politicians deem it a necessity...we have to have these meetings for the world's super-elite, and put the cost of it on the working classes.  Make a fuss about it and the Cons will ignore you, as they always do.  How do we know whether it's going to be worth it or not yet?  Indeed.

Harper figured that having the G20 meeting in downtown Toronto would showcase Canada's financial prowess, even though all the bankers and investors are taking the next couple of days off because Bay Street is now a militarized zone and they fear for their lives from the yet-to-appear throngs of insane, violent protestors.  I hope that they do show up and deaths occur...if only to justify the (holy shit!) billion dollar price tag.  Harper is a fucking idiot....what the hell were he and his strategists thinking?  Not about much other than themselves, once again, apparently.

And it's all happening in this shithole of a city.  I've been here two weeks too long already.  I keep giving southern Ontario extra chances to change my mind on what a crappy place it is, but this trip is another FAIL.  Gotta get somewhere?  Well, just hop in a fucking car and sit in some fucking traffic in this ugly city.  The people are all self-absorbed, stressed, rude, and high-strung.  Anyone I know here who is decent is not from here.  Everyone else will have a 'conversation' with you, but the entire chat is truly spent enduring Ontarians talk about themselves, their awesome lives living in a shithole, and how the rest of Canada including where you are from is worth ridicule since it isn't here.  Really?  Is it possible you people can talk more about yourselves, please?  My ears aren't bleeding enough yet.

I got the old, "You're from Manitoba?  Oh I'm so sorry." bullshit line more than once here, or "You're from the West Coast, oh I couldn't live there; it rains all the time".  Yeah, shut up you Ontario asshole. It's all a joke to you and the universe that revolves around your ego, isn't it?  Screw you!

I've been trying to get people to look me in the eye as they pass by, no luck yet.  And don't get me started on this disgusting humidity, still more tornadoes, and even an earthquake to top things off. I'm counting the minutes until I get out of here.

I remember now why I always go to Montreal and not Toronto when I end up in the East.  It's because people are actually real there and they honestly care about other people.  And they don't incessantly talk just about themselves all the time.  It's obvious the Ontario factor rots everyone's brains here, including the politicians.

Once again, I reiterate the solution to the spiralling G8/G20 expense 'crisis', why doesn't the cabal of greedy old white men just collectively buy an island nation in the middle of the Pacific and have their meetings there whenever they feel they're warranted?  They can build their Dr. Evil lair there and blow smoke up each other's asses as much as they want, out of the public eye, away from protestors, and with as much security as they feel their inflated egos need.  Leave the rest of us alone like you do the other 363 days a year, you fucks.

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