22 June 2009

Why Superclubs suck

Friday night Jer and I went to Celebrities to catch the Sneaky Sound System show. We got there early (9:45) got our entry stamps and then went over to Numbers for a few drinks. We got back to Celebrities around 11:00 when the lineup was getting genuine, walked in and danced for a couple of hours. The place was packed, but where was the band? Jer was so tired he went home. I escorted him then went back to the bar. The band finally came on at about 1:10. WTF? People were leaving already. This late start was ridiculous. It was a $160 evening and I didn't get anything out of it (except some time with Jer which made it worthwhile!).

I'm not sure if I'll do this type of thing again. Both Celebrities and the Odyssey (where we went Saturday night as Doug was in town) were...meh. I'll stick with the locations I find at least a bit rewarding.

The Soccer Team T-Dance at Soho on Sunday was a blast! I'll definitely hit those events regularly.

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