08 September 2008


The Capricorn Male - A Real Stickler

Our male Caps are sophisticated, aren't they? Cap males's are considered "The Stickler" by Sextrology.

They maintain their composure in even the most trying of situations. He projects the certain air of an aristocrat combined with a jaded and dejected view. In plain english - he's a bit aloof.

He remains dignified and unaffected by that which may be swirling around him. He maintains a sense of relaxation that many of us would envy in such situations. Pleasure and fun first, hard work second.

In love and relationships he's a bit old fashioned. He longs for a traditional lifestyle along with traditional gender roles in place. He's the breadwinner, she's the supporter. His perfect mate? According to Sextrology, it's the lady-wife type. A woman who shares his traditional views but doesn't question his need for "me time."

And why is this man so composed and serious? Because he is ruled by the planet Saturn - the stern enforcer. Saturn represents the Principle of Restriction and Containment. His sign quadrant is The Fourth Quadrant, which concerns the soul and one's relationship with the divine - spirituality, metaphysically concerned with the spiritual level of existence.

Cap man's motto. . . ."I Use" . . . .what I already have. Cap man feels like they "don't make em' like they used to."

He is a cardinal (initiator, starter) earth (stable, grounded) sign which means he'll likely be concerned with mother earth and the workings of all creatures great and small that inhabit it. He'll enjoy the outdoors and maybe even some gardening. His number is 10, the zenith number. The culmination of all other numbers preceding it. Cap man likes to uphold traditional values and things that are proven and that work. If it ain't broke. . . .why fix it?

His age range is that of 63-70, the age of retirement. A period when things are finished and all is in place. Preparedness. Time to kick back and reap the benefits of all that has been put in place and put to work. His psychology is somewhat melancholy. A tad in love with suffering and not one to necessarily make positive changes when need be. Somewhat of an elitist, he's rather closed to new people, places and ideas. Somewhat a know-it-all, he likes to stick to the tried and true and this can somewhat cut him off in life.

Cap male has a tendency to fall from grace or slide backwards. He silently retreats into downtime without anyone ever noticing. He'll take some real hiatuses in life to reflect on matters that may regard joy, family, hedonism (shhhhh) or misery. But alas! Our Cap male is likened to the "come back kid." He's the picky-choosy sort. Quality over quantity.

Associated with the goat god Pan, life for the Cap male is a joyful romp over, around, up and down the mountain - a rocky road and one hell of a hill to climb. His life is half and half. Half good, half bad. But if you ask the Cap male, "Is the glass half full or half empty?" his response would be "half full" and the scales would be ever so slightly tipped towards the positive.

To Cap male, failures or ups and downs are all part of the process. You learn what not to do upon your next attempt and he lives by the teachings of the school of hard knocks. Life is neither black or white to Cap male. It's forever gray and you'll be hard pressed to get a rise out of this guy - although he may crack a smile for you every once in a while. Sadly, our Cap male feels a bit empty inside, although he maintains a rather shiny surface, while choosing to remain indifferent.

His sign rules The 10th House of Tradition. Old fashioned, leisurely, traditional. Cap male sees the world as being in a constant state of decay. He loves things from days gone by - relics of eras that no longer exist. Vintage items, ancient cities, ancient civilizations, old world charm. He's like the "long, cool woman in the black dress" - but he's no woman that's for sure. And most times, he dressed to the nines. Cool, laid back, casual, distinquished. . .gray, black, silver - no obnoxious colors or attitude here. He's one cool cat.

Other male caps? Cary Grant, Mel Gibson, Denzel Washington, Jude Law, Elvis Presley, David Bowie and Rod Stewart. All psychologically complex cool cats who can also been seen as passing off some "throwback" styles and doing it well, too. And interestingly enough, Sextrology notes one distinguishing feature that may exist in our male goat's appearance - the signature cleft chin.

In his youth, Cap male is attracted to older girls who may take note of his mature, adult nature. He is comfortable and confident in his ability to achieve lifelong ambitions. He is drawn towards shy women, if not outright wallflower types while avoiding domineering ones at all costs. He feels they'll protect, devote and serve him. But there's a flip side to this. He's either after total innocence and inexperience or women who make no bones about having been around the block a few times and then discarded.

He's rather blase' regarding trends or the latest fads and this may have caused him grief early in life. He doesn't care much what others think, which leaves him open to ridicule by others for being somewhat "behind the times" or seen as a bit eccentric. As a result, he may have been made fun of and those judgments are acutely felt by the Cap man.

Regardless, our Cap male goes where the love is. Women who can relate to his non-conformist, if not somewhat misfit appeal. A "you and me against the world" type of combo. Unlike his zodiac predecessor, the Sag male, who is fixated on external beauty - our Cap male looks at what's inside for beauty. However, he will not compete for it.

Some of the Cap male turnon's are as follows: older women, sumissive types, dark skin and features, Asians, Latina's, small boob and big bottoms. In new relationships, the goat is seen as a real catch to the mate's friends and family. He's a front man and will wine and dine his potential new partner. But alas. . .the male Cap's melancholy side eventually displays itself and this usually leaves the new partner wondering what happened. Because, you see, our male Cap doesn't necessarily believe in love. He's more like convenience first, love second. He's set in his ways and not one to compromise.

The male Cap is somewhat fearsome of love and relationships. He realizes that they will require something from him and fears failure. What the Cap man must realize is that he must accept that he loves bright, vivacious women that have expectations (of them and of HIM), and that he can live up to these expectations rather than choose a safe, easy or convenient "arrangement."

At times, our Cap male prefers to feel sorry for himself and live in emotional anquish rather than make any compromises to get the kind of woman that his heart really races for. As a result of this, many a male Cap will lean towards a wall flower type woman instead and then suffer disappointment as a result. As well, he's a bit chauvenistic. He believes woman are here to serve men. If he locates a woman that has suffered emotionally and has some insecurities and shortcomings (as he does), then she'll be more apt to accept his. He feels the woman he truly desires - a go getter that expects things - won't accept this of him.

Cap male's may be a melancohly bunch on the surface, but underneath lies a smoldering man. A man wiser than his age - an "old soul" so-to-speak. He needs to accept his shortcomings, as we all have them and must do the same, and reach for that which he desires if he is to ever free himself from the restrictive chains he has bound himself in.

Cap male's must learn not to settle in love and relationships. They need a mate that can accept their shortcomings and tap into those deeply rooted primal, sexual longings that he masks throughout life. Our Cap male's are a tender, wise and kind bunch. They are also their own worst enemy.

Ladies, love a Cap male with tenderness and an endless supply of interest and willingness. In return, you will be granted a true gentlemen with emotions that run deep and a dormant sexuality that will be released.

Analysis by Sextrology.

Biased and ethnocentric, but I always enjoy reading astrology profiles to see how well they can describe generalizations.


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