17 October 2007

It's a murder

We can still see the power of natural instincts and processes at work even in a large urban center. Everyday, at almost the same time every day in the morning and evening, a huge murder of crows flies from southeast to northwest directly over our building. Hundreds of crows will fly around our building, some landing on top en route to their next destination. Presumably they are heading somewhere to nest in the evening and heading out to forage in the morning. It is quite the spectacle to see and hear as the sound of hundreds of flapping wings whiz by our patio door windows. I usually see the evening crew coming across the Beltline from the St. Mary's Cathedral roof, where they seem to collect before continuing north...I'm not sure if that's where they start, although it is close to the Elbow River. Maybe they are coming back from the SE landfills? It also appears that as the sun sets earlier every evening, so does the beginning of their trip. Monday night when I saw them, it was around 6:30pm. This morning, they were moving out at 6:30am, so normally they are out and about before I get a first glimpse out the window.

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