28 August 2006

Lack of flying computers and bloody walls

The weekend was conspicuously quiet. I visited with Curtis, Jeff and Calvin on Friday night at Curtis' place until the guys headed to the bar around 1am. We talked about many topics including the necessity of gay people in society to promote creativity and evolution (we do serve a purpose, dammit!) because families tend to not do so many things creatively or progressively because they are preoccupied with raising children; why the universe unfolds at the rate it does and why time travel is impossible - the rate at which time progresses is unalterable. Those two topics were enough to stretch the conversation out for a couple of hours. We also talked again about the realities of Calgary's gay scene and how much work and equity would be realistically required right now to get a competitive bar scene going in the city again.

Anyways, I always love talking to Jeff and Curtis because we always challenge each other and our thinking patterns are all just different enough that we can agree on something but bring different perspectives to the same topic.

I got a call from Owen Friday night that he, Chloe and Trezlie were coming to Calgary Zoo Saturday morning so I met up with them at the zoo around 11am and walked around for a couple of hours until I had to leave at 1pm to pick up my rental car. I stopped in at Ryan's house for a couple of hours before heading to Lethbridge. I had an interesting night with my cousin Robert. Let's just say he and a couple of his co-workers were well on their way to complete inebriation before I even got there. It led to an evening that I wasn't expecting to say the least. I was disappointed that I didn't get to have a deep conversation with Robert while I was there. We went out for breakfast Sunday morning and watched "National Treasure" before I packed up and headed back to Calgary. In retrospect, I should have spent the weekend in Calgary and saved the expense of a car rental for another weekend later in the year that is cheaper.

I got back into the city and got my errands done before jumping on the bike for a couple of hours of riding. I tried to head out on some familiar routes out of town, but so many of them were blocked or re-routed due to construction that I ended up riding a route through the city. I coincidentally met up with Natasha and Steph near North Glenmore Park and we rode together back to Elbow Drive. Natasha headed home while I rode with Steph to the south end of Elbow Drive at Fish Creek Park. She lives close by in Canterbury Park, so I ended up just riding back downtown alone from there. Ryan came over in the evening so we could get his iPod servicing requests done online and we hung out until Joe got home from work around 10:30. Pretty soon it was lights out and the end of another relatively quiet weekend.

In anticipation of Nationals, I'm going to be out training in the evenings until Thursday. I'll probably be laying low again this weekend although Mom and Dad are heading to Red Deer so I'll probably go up Saturday night to visit. I guess I technically start my holidays on Friday since after that I'm booked off until the 18th. Whee!


Jeff said...

I knew we talked about more. See it's good to have these conversations because each of us brings a perspective of what we remembered. Based on our crude communication techniques.

Now what happened in Lethbridge? Did these guys try to molest you? Was it exciting? Did you beg for more? LOL!!!

TTYL Reid. Hey maybe soup sometime?

bk said...

That will teach you for leaving us behind! :)

jetboy747 said...

Pauses Eric Carmen's 'All By Myself' *sniffles*

You enjoy your holidays Reid. I'll still be here, cantankerously awaiting to hear how they went.

Could you just pass me a tissue?

"When I was young, I never needed anyone."